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This flashlight replicates the 20mm round that is commonly fired out of the M16A1 Vulcan Cannon found on many of today’s high performance aircraft. This “realistic” replica is machined from solid brass alloys using state of the art computerized machining centers. It not only looks good but also serves as a high quality flashlight for when the lights go out. Simply twist the bullet end of the light to turn on the flashlight beam. The beam can be adjusted internally to provide either a focused spot beam or a flood type beam. The flashlights take 2 AA batteries (included) and replacement bulbs are available through us.

Our new LED version has redesigned internal components to accept a long life LED bulb assembly. Our bulb assembly has 4 3mm LED bulbs with an output of 16 lumens, with a battery life of approximately 10 hours.

Great to have on your desk at home or at work as a conversation piece and as a functioning flashlight. Makes a great gift item for any of your family or friends who love military history or firearms in general! Check out our other flashlight, which replicates a 20mm Armor Piercing round – you might just need one of each!